Making a town plastic-free

Here’s a superb interview from The Observer about Rebecca Hosking who managed to convince an entire town to go plastic-free. Here’s the introduction:

Modbury is a little gentrified Devon town with cutesy shops, gourmet delis and lovely architecture. In the past three months, house prices appear to have shot up by 20 per cent over the normal rise, a spike, it seems, directly linked to Rebecca Hosking, a local farmer’s daughter who works for the BBC. It was Hosking’s return to the town after a 15-year absence that brought it to international attention when, at the end of last year, she embarked on a one-woman mission to rid Modbury’s shops and pavements of plastic carrier bags.

Within a year of arriving back from Hawaii, where she had been filming a BBC Natural World documentary showing plastic pollution on its beaches, there was barely a plastic bag in sight. Everybody from genteel old folk through to builders in hard hats had cornstarch shoppers swinging from their arms. Modbury had become Britain’s first official plastic-bag-free town…

It’s a long interview but it’s worth reading the whole thing. It also shows how even one person can make a difference. Brilliant.


One thought on “Making a town plastic-free

  1. A similar interview came on the Reader’s Digest – On how she was able to convince the town to give up plastic forever. I remember reading this a long time back.

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