The Cream and Fudge Factory

What do you do with a frozen marble stone in an ice-cream shop? You mix ice-cream on it of course.

The Cream and Fudge Factory (TCFF) is a place that you can’t miss when you’re near Raheja Arcade in Koramangala. (Update on 26 Feb 2009: I passed by this area recently and noticed that the shop had closed down.)

The bright lights, the see-through glass windows, they almost invite you to go in. What better place for TCFF to open a first store in India but in ice-cream crazy Bangalore?

When you go in, you are handed a menu, which is a synonym for confusion. Fear not, I am here to make sense of it for you. The menu boils down to this: you can choose a pre-designed sundae or make your own sundae, both with single or double scoops of ice-cream.

It doesn’t end there–you can also choose to eat your ice-cream in a waffle cone, which I would say is the way to go. When you choose an ice-cream (and pay) the ice-cream people behind the counter put your ice-cream on the marble stone, add the sauces and toppings, mix it up and then transfer it to the container of your choice. If you choose a waffle cone, they’ll put it in a nice carry-it-to-the-table container that makes the cone easy to handle. (Please Corner House, won’t you add waffle cones to your menu?)

The double-scoop portions are huge, so unless you’re sharing with a significant (or insignificant) other, I’d recommend a single scoop.

I went to TCFF two times and both times I wasn’t impressed by their so-called “creamiest” ice-cream. As Jim Carrey’s character said in Liar, Liar, “I’ve had better.” TCFF still has a way to go if they want to pry me away from Corner House’s ice-creams.

TCFF’s ice-cream is good but not great and what TCFF brings is a different kind of experience and a place that you can go to for a change from your regular fare. TCFF is more expensive than Corner House though, so be prepared.

If you like ice-creams, TCFF is a place to try out. Burrp has more info on the location, etc.


3 thoughts on “The Cream and Fudge Factory

  1. Oooooh!!! Looks to be a very interesting place. Must visit the one at Bangkok when I go there in a couple of weeks :D

    Nice photograph on the blog btw. In which place was that photo taken ?

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