At the airport during the strike

A few days ago, I was at Hyderabad airport during the the strike by some airport employees. The flights were okay but the problem was a lack of trolleys to move luggage. The lines at the departure terminal were chaotic and getting a trolley meant that you had to show your ticket and passport to get inside the airport. At least that’s what a lady told me. Since I was picking up people, I couldn’t do that.

I found a trolley after about 15 minutes of searching but I wondered about the people who didn’t find trolleys. And about the passengers who had to carry heavy luggage without the aid of a trolley. It must have been tough; I know it was for the folks I came to pick up.

Maybe the striking workers made their point but it was such an inconvenience, especially for older people. If the airlines were running and the airport was open, there should’ve been some arrangements made by the airline people and the government. Also you have to wonder what the government was doing when it could resolve the issue two days into the strike. Why not two days before?

The question of why cities cannot have two airports is still not resolved. The travel to the new Hyderabad airport will take a long time, as will the travel to the new Bangalore airport. Domestic travellers will think about certain trips for sure.

I think this is a golden opportunity for the Indian Railways to introduce trains that are really high-speed–not just words in their names. Whether our Railway minister will do that is anyone’s guess.


Your thoughts?

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