Losing paradise?

In Tuesday’s supplement of the Deccan Herald was an article titled A true paradise but not for long. Excerpt:

The silence is broken by the occasional wave crashing upon the shore, full of fine, golden sand. There is hardly anyone to be seen, if you discount the odd, adventurous foreign tourist who has come to check out if there is truly a place which offers complete solitude amidst virgin surroundings.

Then there are the groves of coconut and other wind-bearing trees that offer shelter from the scorching Sun. The nearby river provides fresh water while the fine sand makes sunbathing a must-do activity. That’s not all. One can see the shells lying on the sea-bed through the blue, crystal clear waters reminding you of Mauritius but without the facilities offered by the tourist hotspot. However, this heaven-on-earth called Belekaana Beach will soon vanish.

Why will it vanish? Because of the Tadadi Thermal Power Project, a 4,000 megawatt capacity power project which…

…will use the entire beach and fill up the entire stretch and surroundings with effluents, slurry and the frozen slush of fly-ash, signalling the death of a beautiful beach.

Maybe a short power cut every day state-wide would make the power plant unnecessary and save the beach. Or a renewable energy plant. Or a plant that doesn’t destroy a beach.

I don’t know about you but I’ll take the sound of the waves on a sea-shore over sound of machines at a power plant any day.


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