How does the BBMP choose which roads to repair?

The BBMP or someone related to them recently repaired re-laid a couple of roads near where I live. Both roads are flanked by houses and are not what you would call main roads. Still, the tar roads were dug up and new cement-based roads were laid. The pavement was dug up too and now there’s a gap between the road and the pavement. But, I digress.

The Ejipura main road, which is used by hundreds of people, is still bad, a fact that is underscored during the rains. Doesn’t it make sense to repair a main road before repairing roads that don’t see even a fraction of the traffic?

Maybe the BBMP has plans for this road but the time for repairs is now–it has been “now” for a year at the very least. At least I’m sure about one thing: no one from the BBMP reads this blog.


3 thoughts on “How does the BBMP choose which roads to repair?

  1. I think another department must have planned to dig up this road, which must have prompted BBMP to build the before they dig it up.

    Have you seen how bad the co-ordination is between these departments? No sooner than a nice road is laid, another department comes and digs it up.

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