Let’s have another bandh

It’s happening again.

You’ll get a holiday. Thousands of people will suffer for no fault of theirs. Businesses will lose money. Some property will probably be damaged. (Theatre owners have already probably lost money. You notice how the hooligans activists always strike at the non-multiplex theatres? Easier access because of lack of security? Probably.)

Some people, who are used to watching TV channels in another language, will not get to watch their favourite TV serials. Nothing will be achieved that could not have been achieved by proper dialogue.

The only reason bandhs succeed in India is because of the threat of violence if there is non-compliance. The only way to stop bandhs from taking place is to ensure that bandhs fail miserably. Non-cooperation with the bandh would be a great way to achieve this.

Plus, Someone you may have heard of used non-cooperation and non-violence very effectively.


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