The usual suspects are at it again

From today’s Deccan Herald, Airport taxi service launch: KRV targets City hotel:

Almost four hours after the launch of the Meru taxi services here on Wednesday, Karnataka Rakshana Vedike (KRV) activists turned their ire against Taj West End, the star hotel which hosted the launch function.

The KRV activists barged into the hotel at about 9.15 pm, tore posters and banners and broke a few tables and chairs. Although no one was arrested, the High Grounds police took up a case of unlawful entry. The activists were protesting against the decision to award the tender of taxi services at the new Bengaluru International Airport to non-Kannadigas.

Why did they do this?

“The BIA has awarded tenders to non-Kannadigas. People from outside are benefiting at the cost of locals. What will happen to local drivers, if tenders to run taxi services are awarded to other states. BIA says that only 100 will be allowed to operate from Devenahalli. What about the others. Who will feed their families. Many of them have availed loans to purchase vehicles,” Mr Gowda said.

Did it have anything to do with the fact that the tenders were awarded to people from outside the state? Not according to the same report (emphasis mine):

It may be recalled that BIA had awarded tenders to private taxi operators to offer services. KSTDC and Bangalore Airport and Taxi Drivers Union were left out as they had not fulfilled criteria such as GPS informed BIA sources.

I have nothing against protests per se but the repeated use of strong-arm tactics and threats to further one’s agenda is not acceptable.

It’s also worth wondering about where these ideas of bias towards “outsiders” come from. My feeling is that it’s a combination of a fallacy and some good ol’ fashioned rabble rousing.


2 thoughts on “The usual suspects are at it again

  1. I hate these people. Not only do they justify arrogant drivers who refuse to go on hire, but also threaten others from entering and offering services.

    Why don’t they look at the reason as to why locals are not hired?

  2. I’m not sure if you’re confusing auto and taxi drivers–this post was about the latter.

    About hiring locally, I am not sure that is the issue here because this was about the awarding of a contract.

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