What's technical and what's not?

When I call up my Internet service provider (Sify if you must know) to report a problem, the menu takes me into an option where a voice says:

For non-technical queries, press 1. For technical queries, press 2.

Though I make a choice (usually 2), I wonder how customers are supposed to diffrentiate between a technical and a non-technical query. For customers with no knowledge of computers or networking, every query is technical mumbo jumbo. And, even for customers with a smattering of knowledge, the issue is still far from clear.

To me, it seems like nobody asked the question, What does technical mean and how is it different from non-technical?

And that is a pity because as I write this, there are customers on the phone who are probably confused about what they are supposed to choose.

This post, in case you were wondering, is non-technical.


2 thoughts on “What's technical and what's not?

  1. Hathway has a similar menu when we cal them up.
    I guess they are assuming that if you know how to browse the net, you know the techinical details aswell.
    The funny thing is however, you can make any choice and raise any complaint you want.

  2. @Xylene

    Interesting that this seems to be an affliction with another company too. Sify has different departments for Renewals and Services but I am not sure if technical and non-technical go to the same place.

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