Pabba’s: delightful Manglorean ice-cream

If you are an ice-cream lover and find yourself in Mangalore, go visit Pabba’s, an ice-cream place in Lalbagh.

You get all sorts of ice-creams and sundaes but if you must try just one, go for the gadbad (pronunciation: guh-duh-bud). It’s got jelly (jello), nuts, fruits, and ice-cream all mixed up in a tall juice glass and is quite the treat.

There are other ice-cream sundaes too (parfait and tiramisu come to mind) and you can try them after you try the gadbad. Okay, so you have different taste buds from mine. Fine, be that way.

The way they serve the sundaes at Pabba’s is interesting; they either use tall, juice glasses or the wide-bottomed drinking glasses and there’s barely room for a spoon–the way it should be.

Pabba’s has lots of seats, is air-conditioned, and the service is pretty quick. The prices are almost from another world (especially if you’re from a big city) and that’s like icing caramel on top of the ice-cream.

You also get juices and snacks at Pabba’s but please try the ice-cream there. Really, don’t go there and eat samosas–that’s like committing one of the seven deadly sins.

Maybe I’m biased or something.


3 thoughts on “Pabba’s: delightful Manglorean ice-cream

  1. I had gadbad somewhere in Mangalore and it had two or three ice-cream flavours. Somehow, these mixed ice-creams never do it for me. Strawberry spoils everything! So do Tutti-Fruiti and glazed cherries!

    The only ice-cream I pine for is the Natural’s ice-cream you get in Bombay. I loved their lichi and other fruit flavours, so like the real thing and sometimes, even better.

  2. Suchi: Yeah, they do mix the ice-creams. Maybe you’re the pure ice-cream kind of person and not so much a sundae person. I enjoy sundaes but also the cones with a scoop of ice-cream (at Corner House).

    I’ve never tried the Natural’s ice-cream in Mumbai–to try when I find myself in that city.

  3. Pabba’s ice cream beats anything else I’ve ever had. The ice cream tastes so fresh, and its refreshing. You’ve said everything there is to say about Pabbas. :-)

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