A Kannada reference card

I was at the Bangalore One website and came across a link that said Learn Kannada, which is useful for non-native speakers to learn a few phrases in Kannada.

The phrases are divided into categories Greetings, Introduction, Enquiry, Directions, and General. I especially like that they’ve taken phrases that are commonly used instead of the usual, “Babloo has three friends and they will go to the museum today.”

I’ll leave it to the Kannada experts among you to tell me if the phrases are accurate in terms of what you’d hear people speak on the street. I have a feeling that some of the phrases aren’t but then again I’m not an expert.

The Learn Kannada page is an interesting resource for someone who has heard Kannada but is unsure of how to speak it. I am not sure that people who have not heard the language or the pronunciations will be able to pronounce the words correctly. Again, I could be wrong.

On a lighter note, a certain chartbuster would translate to, Neevu Sundaravagidhiri.


2 thoughts on “A Kannada reference card

  1. PAM,
    You might perhaps know more Kannada than what I’ve set out to preach. If you have the time, can you let me know if my pages are helpful for someone who knows little, or no Kannada?

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