A better world, like a billion times better

Ray Kurzweil, who’s like a really smart guy, writes in a piece (in the Washington Post) titled Making the World A Billion Times Better:

MIT was so advanced in 1965 (the year I entered as a freshman) that it actually had a computer. Housed in its own building, it cost $11 million (in today’s dollars) and was shared by all students and faculty. Four decades later, the computer in your cellphone is a million times smaller, a million times less expensive and a thousand times more powerful. That’s a billion-fold increase in the amount of computation you can buy per dollar.

Yet as powerful as information technology is today, we will make another billion-fold increase in capability (for the same cost) over the next 25 years. That’s because information technology builds on itself — we are continually using the latest tools to create the next so they grow in capability at an exponential rate. This doesn’t just mean snazzier cellphones. It means that change will rock every aspect of our world.

It’s a fascinating look at how technology could change our world and is worth reading. Here’s the link again.


2 thoughts on “A better world, like a billion times better

  1. Offtopic!

    Ray Kurzweil’s synthesizer company – Kurzweil Music Systems – has made one of the best synthesizers of all times – The Kurzweil K2600. :-)

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