Take Splashtop’s carbon rally challenge

In anticipation of Earth Day (April 22nd), DeviceVM, a company that makes a fast-booting operating system called Splashtop, is aiming to:

raise awareness about how much energy is wasted by computers and other consumer electronics that are left on or in standby mode.

Would you believe leaving your computer on at night generates 51 lbs of CO2 emissions each month? Or that worldwide we could save entire power-plants worth of energy just by switching off our computers each night?

DeviceVM has teamed up with CarbonRally.com to challenge people to make this simple change to help reduce their carbon footprint, and we want as many people to know about it as possible. DeviceVM thinks that technology and the environment should go hand in hand, and we think this is an easy way for everyone to make a difference.

Go to Accept the challenge to get more information.

I am not sure that people leave computers on at home but I used to notice that some did at work. People would leave their computers on when they left for the day, sometimes only for the reason that shutting down would mean that they had to reboot the next day and open their applications, etc. Not a good enough reason to waste all that energy. Get a faster computer or go get a coffee or something.

And, accept the challenge too.


Your thoughts?

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