Refilling printer ink at Cartridge World

If you own a printer, you’ll know how expensive it is to buy new print cartridges. There are refilling centres which will refill cartridges for you but they sometimes use inferior quality ink and can either ruin the cartridge or worse the printer.

Enter Cartridge World, an international franchisee chain that specialises in the printing business.

I went to get a printer cartridge refilled, one that wasn’t working well and they refilled it. I tested the cartridge and it worked fine. The guy at the Koramangala franchise was really nice and went that extra half-mile that makes a difference to you as a customer.

Cartridge World gives a one-month guarantee on their refilled cartridges and they’ll even pick up and drop off the cartridges from wherever you are, for free.

Of course, the benefits of refilling the ink instead of buying a new cartridge is that you also do some good for the environment. That’s good enough for me.


4 thoughts on “Refilling printer ink at Cartridge World

  1. Yes it is a great way to save a lot of money and to help out the environment. We live in a throw away society so this definitely helps keep plastics out of the landfills. Thanks for the nice post because giving exposure to the aftermarket cartridge industry will only help everyone out by giving customers a choice. My company that is essentially does the same thing as Cartridge World is independently owned located in Massachusetts. Check out our site if you are interested. Thanks!


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