VH1’s Gods of Guitar

I’ve been watching VH1’s Gods of Guitar for the last couple of weeks and the programme’s featured some good stuff including Deep Purple and Eric Clapton. Unfortunately, I missed the Jimi Hendrix and Mark Knopfler sections. Next week’s supposed to feature Van Halen, Metallica, and Joe Satriani.

You can get more info at the When to watch page, which also gives the info that Gods of Guitar airs in May on VH1 on the following days:

Saturdays: 11am and 6pm
Sundays: 1pm and 8pm
Weekdays: 11pm and 10.30am

PS: I was wondering about John Mayer’s inclusion in this series because I always thought that he was more of a singer-songwriter. I don’t listen to his music but I do know that he’s hugely popular. So, I checked the Wikipedia article and that pointed me to The New Guitar Gods, a Rolling Stone piece. Enjoy.


5 thoughts on “VH1’s Gods of Guitar

  1. I saw John Mayer last year at Claptons crossroads guiatr festival….though Im not a fan of his music, he can rock the guitar

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