Deccan Chronicle comes to Bangalore

The first issue of Deccan Chronicle (DC) was delivered to my doorstep (free of cost) along with a copy of the Deccan Herald, more than a week ago. On the first page, there was a box about DC’s entry into Bangalore which said something about how the newspaper wants to be No. 1, just like Bengaluru is in India. Me thinks that DC sings a different tune in Hyderabad or indeed Chennai.

I think that the Deccan Herald can rest easy about this intrusion because DC will probably eat into the market share of that other shining beacon of journalism, the Times of India. Both these newspapers are heavy on celebrity news and gossip and other important stuff like who went to which party with whom in what dress designed by which well-known designer. Deccan Herald, on the other hand, sticks to boring stuff like news and politics. Tsk, tsk.

In case you missed DC’s launch in Bangalore, the newspaper’s advertisers have put up billboards all over Bengaluru. These ads show a bikini-clad woman with news items printed on her skin. At least I think they were news items; I might’ve been distracted by traffic or something.

Having had my fill with DC during my years in Hyderabad though, I still prefer Deccan Herald and I don’t plan to switch anytime soon. Bikini-clad models delivering the newspaper, now that would be a reason to switch.


Your thoughts?

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