Networking for labourers

Radha Prathi’s article Networking to grow for the 3rd June supplement of Deccan Herald is about an organization called LabourNet. She writes:

…Bangalore attracts masons, plumbers, electricians, carpenters and tile layers, among other labourers, from far and near. A random survey revealed that most members of the labour class did not have a social leg to stand on. When they met with accidents inadvertently or had to face some personal crisis, they found themselves lost in the madding crowd of the city. They could neither open a bank account for lack of address proof and other relevant papers nor utilise hospital facilities.

Enter Maya India, which is the organization behind Maya Organic.

MAYA decided to resolve the issue and the concept of Labour Net was born, just a year ago. Labourers from all walks of life can enroll themselves as members for a humble sum of Rs 100. This enrollment not only gives them a face but also an address.

Enrollment adds their names to the Labour Net database and they are given identity cards. Whenever labourers need work or an extra part time job, they have to inform the organisation which will network with potential customers and help them out. Similarly, whenever people need professional help, they are free to approach the organisation, which will send suitable labourers to the spot.

Rajesh Gerard Joseph, co-ordinator of Labour Net, who outlined the function of the organisation, made it clear that the freedom of none of the workers is curtailed; they are free to work and live where they want.

More in the article which is worth reading.


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