Babel came out a couple of years ago but I only got to see it this past weekend. I should’ve let sleeping movies lie.

I really did not enjoy the movieor its attempt to tie different threads together and in the end the best I could come up with was, What?. To me, Babel seemed is the kind of movie that gets critical acclaim because it’s made by a supposedly brilliant director but I just didn’t see it. (Roger Ebert is one of those critics who enjoyed the movie a lot, for instance. I tend to like Ebert’s reviews but in this case I didn’t agree with his review.)

Oh well, watch it or not. It’s not like I have the power to change your mind.


2 thoughts on “Babel

  1. I watched it about a month ago, and wasn’t overly impressed, either. I thought it was actually quite contrived. I think it wanted to be provocative and shocking just for the sake of being ‘art house’ and I guess some people were seduced by it. I thought the Japanese connection was just silly!

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