Life’s a game, so fix the odds (Philip Hesketh)

Philip Hesketh’s book Life’s a game, so fix the odds (How to Be More Persuasive and Influential in Your Personal and Business Life) seems like it’s just your usual marketing or selling book, but it actually is a book about communication and persuasion.

Hesketh’s use of anecdotes and humour makes the book light and you don’t feel like you’re reading a “business book”, which given the number of business books out there is a blessing. If you feel like sampling Hesketh’s writing, some of his articles are available for your mental pleasure.

Whatever your line of work, you probably have to either persuade people or influence them, so it’s a book that most people will find useful. In fact, people working with customers directly could benefit from some of the ideas presented in the book.

Verdict: LAGSFTO is worth reading.


2 thoughts on “Life’s a game, so fix the odds (Philip Hesketh)

  1. Another excellent book on persuasion (if you haven’t already read it) is by Dr Roberty Cialdini’s Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. I can highly recommend it!

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