The Complete Complainer

I first picked up Jasper Griegson’s book The Complete Complainer from the library but I didn’t get a chance to read it. Then, for some strange reason I couldn’t find the book there. I should’ve complained but I was lazy.

The book mysteriously appeared on the shelves much later and this time I picked it up, determined to read it. The Complete Complainer is about how to complain in different situations. Griegson’s writing is funny and his letters usually get results. Just to clarify that this is not a book telling you to wring your hands and get upset; it is about taking action and making things happen.

How many times have you complained about a product or a service that you found less than satisfactory? How many times did you get a satisfactory response? Griegson makes the important point that it’s wise to wait until you’ve cooled down before making a complaint. Angry, invective-filled letters may make you feel good temporarily but they probably aren’t the best solution.

A few days after I’d read the book, I had a chance to complain about a box of cereal that was stale. The store asked me to write a complaint letter to the manufacturer, which I did and in turn I got to pick up another box of cereal (this time I went with a different brand) at the same price.

Did I complain about other situations after that? No, but it’s empowering to know that I can. Or something.


Your thoughts?

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