After having read about Juno, being told to watch Juno, and missing Juno when it came to the theatres here, I finally got to watch the movie recently. Sometimes movies that are hyped or praised excessively tend to be disappointing when you watch them. That is not the case with Juno.

In case you were climbing Everest or chasing polar bears, Juno is about a teenage girl, Juno (played by Ellen Page), who discovers she’s pregnant after having engaged in what can only be called sex. How she copes with the pregnancy is essentially the theme of the movie.

Juno’s script is terrific and the dialogue is funny. The characters are quirky (in a good way) and cast to perfection, from the father, to the stepmother, to the boyfriend. The undoubted star of the movie is Ellen Page, who plays the role of the teenage pregnant girl to perfection, and it’s no surprise that she received an Oscar nomination. Juno reminded me of Little Miss Sunshine but without the sometimes-dark undertones that LMS had. The background music was lovely and blended well with the movie.

If there is one criticism that I have read about Juno it’s that it doesn’t get into the whole issue of teenage pregnancy and its implications. The counter-argument is that it doesn’t need to, since it is a movie and not a documentary. The movie is realistic and entertaining and to expect more may be asking for too much. This is a movie about how a pregnancy affects a teenage girl and those around her. That’s it.

Between the two pregnancy-related movies that came out last year, Knocked Up and Juno, forget the former and watch the latter. It lives up to the hype.


Your thoughts?

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