Two days in Paris

Two days in Paris is about a couple, Jack (Adam Goldberg) and Marion (Julie Delpy), who spend two days in Paris en route to their home back in New York. Jack is an American and Marion is French and they stay in Marion’s apartment, which is one floor above the apartments her parents live in. Jack finds himself learning things about Marion that he didn’t know and it affects their relationship.

TDIP is a movie about relationships, about how much people in relationships know about each other, and about the difficulties of relationships. TDIP, which was written and directed by Julie Delpy, tackles a serious theme using humour and lots of dialogue. (Jack’s meeting with both parents, over dinner, is hilarious.) Some of the humour is adult-ish but it’s not coarse humour.

I enjoyed TDIP but it’s not a movie for everyone. I guess you’ll have to watch it to figure out whether you like it or not.

PS: My buddy recommended this movie after I’d told him that I liked Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, both featuring Julie Delpy. Maybe that’s one way to figure out whether you want to watch.


Your thoughts?

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