Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe in Banglore is housed on probably one of the most beautiful buildings in Bangalore. The stone building of the old Bible Society (I think) that was the home of Barista and 1812 (or some numbered pub) was converted into the Hard Rock Cafe. I’d only been to one HRC before and I hadn’t eaten in that place. This time we went for lunch.

HRC has guitars on the walls and other memorablia, but the interiors are kind of dark, so the stone walls lose their lustre. The food is fine but it’s pretty expensive and if you’re paying good money you expect something that will please you. I had the special burger (or whatever it’s called) and couldn’t help compare it to the burger served at The Only Place, which is a lot better and priced a lot lower. So there.

Maybe if you’re a hard core fan, you’ll enjoy the ambience at HRC and will like the place. I didn’t like it much and I felt that it had an odd, empty quality, like the building’s soul had been ripped out. Yes, yes I know buildings don’t have souls.

Still, the old Barista there did have one. Or I’m looking through the tinted glasses of nostalgia.


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