Letter to Sify customer care

Update (10 Feb 2009): I feel compelled to mention that I have nothing to do with Sify or its Customer Care department, so please don’t write to me asking me for passwords that you’ve forgotten or any other Sify-related problems. Sify’s Customer Care is the place to go for that. Thank you. Original post continues below.

I’ve written about Jasper Griegson’s The Complete Complainer on my other blog and I used some of the things I learnt from that book in writing this letter.

It could be improved but it did get a response, though not the one I was hoping for. I probably should’ve waited a while before sending it because sending an complaint when you’re upset is one of the things Griegson recommends that you don’t do. I thought the letter would be helpful to others intending to write such letters.

Dear Sir:

Imagine logging on to your computer in the morning to check your email and finding that your account has expired. Imagine this happening when you are on an unlimited pack (64 kbps) and have been on this pack for more than two years. Imagine calling the customer care and being told that there is a daily download limit of 150 MB, which was never mentioned either by the service provider or by the Sify renewal department.

My pack has apparently expired because I used 210 MB on one day (10/July/2008), even though the pack was supposed to be valid till the 12th. Furthermore, I was not in town for 4 days during which I did not download anything. That's 600 MB worth of downloads, which I apparently cannot use.

If you call a pack unlimited, then it should be unlimited, not "partially unlimited" as your customer care representative put it. In addition, if you are using an expiry by date method, then don't use the download method. Or provide a monthly download limit without a date attached. To use both a daily limit and a date-based expiry is an unfair practice on your part. In addition, the use of the word
unlimited signifies "no limit". How can you justify this duplicity?

Your customer care executive asked me to email you in spite of the fact that I did not have an Internet connection (Note: I should've said that my Internet connection had expired). The other option she said was to contact my service provider who I have not dealt with for over a year.

I have been dealing with Sify and I cannot understand how you don't provide an escalation mechanism. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, your executive said that she could not transfer the call. Is this a deliberate way to ensure that customers are frustrated?

I have been a Sify subscriber for over two years now and for the most part I have been satisfied with the service. However, such an incident really makes me wonder whether Sify cares about its customers or only about making money, even if it means tricking the customer.

I am extremely disappointed by the way I have been treated. Please address this issue by reactivating my account and by providing me with the account compensation for the trouble that you are causing me.

Clearly, not the best ending as well but not a bad letter overall, if I may say so myself. Any thoughts from the three (fine, two!) of you who read this blog?


10 thoughts on “Letter to Sify customer care

  1. Switch your service provider – I use AirTel, and the plans are truly unlimited. It’s been a year, and I’ve not had a problem. Excellent service, no issues.

  2. Ihave a serius problem with the service of sify

    no one is interested to solve my proble.
    for 2 days i am unable to send / receive mails from outlook express.
    kindly help.

    my tel –

  3. We are using outlook express for sify mail account. We received all mail in my inbox, but mail does not send through from it. I have to connect my sify dial-up connection for to do this.

    pls. try to solve this problem

    for many days i am unable to send mails from outlook express.

  4. nimish-ocean inc: I don’t know why you had to write three comments when one would’ve sufficed. (I’ve edited your first comment to include the next two.)

    I have nothing to do with Sify, so please contact Sify’s customer care. I have no idea on how to solve your problem.

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