Traffic woes and possible solutions

Deccan Herald interviewed Praveen Sood, the Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic and Security) in last Sunday’s issue for a feature called Viewpoint. Here’s the beginning of said interview:

DH: What is your perception of traffic in Bangalore?

PS: It’s definitely chaotic. Reason is simple: there are more vehicles. There are over 34 lakh vehicles in the City at present. Road and other infrastructure are inadequate to meet the requirement. The City roads can take the capacity of only 10 to 12 vehicles. Most roads and junctions have vehicles 4 to 5 times higher than their capacities during peak hours and 1.5 to 2 times higher during lean hours.

In the same day’s paper, T V Jagadisan, a member of the Governing Council, Malleswaram Swabhimanaa Initiative, expressed his ideas for solutions to the traffic problems in Point Blank. Here are a couple that I really liked.

Enforce heavy fines on haphazard parking or parking on ‘no parking’ zones.

Enforce basements of buildings to be used only for vehicle parking and not allow any business being conducted there

Laning roads for slow moving and fast moving traffic with particular emphasis on pedestrian crossings to avoid accidents which hold up traffic.

Not allow any political or any other rallies during peak hours on high traffic roads.

He made some really sensible suggestions and our traffic masters should consider implementing the suggestions.


Your thoughts?

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