For the longest time, I’d heard of a restaurant named Sunny’s, but I never went there. When I finally did get a chance to eat there, I loved the food so much that I wondered why I had missed out on eating there. Then, I slapped my head in frustration. Actually, I didn’t do that, since I have other ways of torturing myself. Watching ‘We The People’ on NDTV is one way for example, but I digress.

When you walk into Sunny’s, which was apparently named after a golden retriever, you have the option of sitting outside in Bangalore’s air conditioned air or inside in cool, machine-conditioned air. I’m guessing that the smokers would want to sit outside but I’ve always sat inside since I get my share of Bangalore air thank you very much.

Inside, the tables are nice, the seats are comfy and the service is good. You are started off with bread rolls that appear to be made from the same material as bricks, but they’re actually fresh rolls with a soft interior. You also get a generous helping of a herb (pesto?) butter, which you use to butter your bread, after you slice it open. Delicious.

Sunny’s essentially serves what we Indians call “Continental food”, which basically means your pastas, lasagnas, steaks, and their ilk, but you also get some Oriental dishes. (For a detailed menu, go here) The lasagna there is excellent as is the steak in the wine sauce (can’t remember the exact name). I’ve mostly always enjoyed what I’ve eaten at Sunny’s.

Sunny’s dessert selection is really good and if desserts are your poison, then there’s a hazelnut cake thingy that is heavenly. Sunny’s also caters to your alcohol cravings so your semi-alcoholic friends can’t veto the place based on non-availability of alcohol.

Lunch and dinner at Sunny’s don’t come cheap, but I think that the food is worth it though. Sunny’s is usually full on the weekends and I think every time that I’ve been there on weekdays too, so booking a table is a good idea.

To find Sunny’s go to the Shell petrol station on Vittal Mallya road and ask them where Sunny’s is. If they don’t know, just go a little ahead (if the Shell station is to your left) and you’ll see a small sign just before the “circle”. If you don’t know where Vittal Mallya road is, I present Google Maps.

Or you can just call and ask for directions, which may be an alien concept if you’re a guy. Whatever. That’s all I have to say about that.


Your thoughts?

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