Mid-year Strand Book Festival 2008

Strand Bookstall sent me an email this morning and I reproduce it here for you. I hope they won’t mind since I could be sending customers their way. (Disclaimer: Some formatting may have changed during the copy and paste operation.)

Dear Readers,

With OUTSTANDING SELECTIONS pouring in, we’ve decided to brave the rains for you! With over 30,000 titles for each and every one! So disregard the drizzle and zoom into Basava Bhavan. Come pick up bargains, bargains, bargains for adults and children.

The Mid–Year Strand Book Festival

At Basava Bhavan, (Opp. Hotel Chalukya, Near Raj Bhavan & Planetarium)

Fri 18 – Sun 27 July (Incl. 2 Sundays)

10am – 8.30pm (Loads of parking!)

10 days only.

Simply not to be missed. Set a day aside

I’m a big fan of the yearly Strand book sale but I’ve never been to the mid-year one. I am not sure if I will go to this one but if I find myself around that area, I might.

Any of you been to the mid-year sale? Thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Mid-year Strand Book Festival 2008

  1. Oh no! Missed it…. I had been last year, same place and the collection was superb. I bought many books – completed my Asterix collection, a leather bound book of Charles Dickens, novels, children’s books… sigh! When is the next one?!

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