Kung Fu Panda

A panda dreams of being a Kung Fu master but is stuck serving noodles in his father’s restaurant. The father, who is a bird (couldn’t make out which one), hopes that his son will take over the restaurant some day. The panda has other ideas and his life is about to change in a way that he never dreamt of.

KFP has an impressive cast of actors that includes Jack “School of Rock” Black, Dustin “Rain Man” Hoffman, Angelina “Tomb Raider” Jolie, who lent their voices to animate the characters the movie. Kung Fu Panda has terrific fight sequences, which is saying something given that it’s an animation movie. The whole premise of the movie, a panda who wants to be a kung fu master, was funny in an absurd sort of way. People who watched kung fu movies will also enjoy the different kung fu references.

The standard for animation films has been set so high most recently in The Incredibles and Ratatouille that Kung Fu Panda didn’t blow me away. It was an enjoyable movie though and with a simple storyline, the use of humour, and terrific animation it’s a nice way to spend a couple of hours.


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