No power cuts in Bangalore

Of course I’m being facetious, but the phrase that is used to describe what happens is load shedding, so we haven’t got any power cuts in Bangalore. Ha ha. Okay, so that was not funny.

Over the last few days, I’ve been experiencing the benefits of no power, like more reading, more cleaning, and more irritation. The power cuts I can understand. The power situation’s pretty dire and BESCOM can’t satisfy the power hungry consumers. What I can’t understand is the unscheduled load shedding. If the cuts were scheduled, at least people could plan their day around the “load shedding” time, by running errands or something. With the random cuts, you’re left with no idea of when you’ll have power and when you won’t. Apparently I am not alone in facing this problem.

My neighbour, who has an AC, runs it even when the weather doesn’t require an AC. This is the “Have AC will Run” (HAWR) syndrome, which may be affecting other AC owners in our city. Okay, so you may need an AC during summer, and that too for one or two months. I can’t understand running an AC when the weather’s good. Maybe there should be a moratorium on using ACs, especially in a power crisis. There are these things called fans which work pretty well.

I’m guessing though that the biggest culprits are the offices with their glass facade buildings and air conditioning units that suck up power. Yeah, some of the bigger offices have generators but that’s another can of worms with its air pollution, noise, and fuel consumption. All these glass facade buildings should be made to shift to solar energy and given incentives for doing so.

Finally, instead of trying to get the government to buy surplus power from other states, a better solution would be for us to reduce unnecessary power consumption and wastage of power.

Lower power consumption = lower electricity bill = savings. Savings that you can use to buy that AC you so desperately need. Of course, I’m being facetious.


3 thoughts on “No power cuts in Bangalore

  1. I remember fondly the power cuts from my time in Bangalore 13 years ago. I didn’t have air conditioning, but I did have Star TV, which would repeat a film pretty much every night for a week. This lazy scheduling turned out to be vital if I was to see any film, because power cuts would usually interrupt it halfway through. On nights without power cuts in my area, there would usually be one elsewhere that would cause Star TV to become white noise.
    Power cuts were the great leveller (unless, of course, you have a generator). I’m surprised that Bangalore is still suffering from a chronic power shortage more than a decade later, but, as they always used to say: “This is India.”

  2. What do you mean “still suffering from”….. You think rest of the country is any better? Actually its not so bad in Jayanagar…. Percy lives on the outskirts I think and they generally have more “load sheds” than we do.

  3. @Nikhil: I’m definitely not in the outskirts of the city but I still get served more than a fair share of power cuts.

    I was told recently during a visit to Gujarat that they have no power cuts there. So, the power situation seems okay in Gujarat.

    @pouletnoir: The power situation is dire because of the lack of rains this monsoon. Karnataka has the bulk of its power generation through hydro-electric power plants, so we’re suffering. That and the nincompoops who waste power.

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