Bomb blasts now hit Bangalore

Depending on which news channel you watched on TV or which website you checked, there were anywhere from 4 to 10 bomb blasts in Bangalore today. What most media outlets seem to agree on is that the blasts started around 1.30 pm and that at least one person was confirmed dead. There are reports of multiple injured persons, though it’s still not clear what the exact picture is. We should get a better idea by tomorrow morning.

We were out when we got news of the blast and decided to cancel our plans and returned home. At that time (around 2.30ish), the situation on the roads was normal and the news hadn’t yet trickled into people. The news channels though were falling over themselves saying that Bangalore had “shut down”, that Bangalore was this or that. Being in the city where the blasts took place, I can say understand that the media’s immediate reporting was, pardon my French, crap.

The police has advised people to remain calm and to continue with their work normally. I don’t know how things can be “normal” after something like this, but maybe that’s the best way to show a middle finger to people behind the blasts.

I’m hoping that instead of playing the usual blame games of state vs. centre, local police vs. intelligence bureau, etc., we can ensure that we don’t ever have to see something like this happen in Bangalore. Ever.

PS: If you were near the blast area or worse still, in the blast area, I hope that you are safe and that your friends and family are safe too. Just be careful out there.


Your thoughts?

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