How to lose friends and avoid people

An article on titled New service helps callers avoid awkward cell-phone moments explains a technology that can be used to go directly to voice mail.

The old song had it right: Breaking up is hard to do. But a free new phone service called Slydial might make it easier to get through that and other awkward moments — without actually having to talk to anyone.

Slydial lets you connect directly with another person’s cell phone voice mail, bypassing the traditional ringing process that often results, sometimes disastrously, with someone picking up on the other end.

If you want to be cold about breaking up, email’s a viable option. The person being dumped won’t like it, but you’re beyond caring about that anyway. The SlyDial service is not just for breaking-up with people but also for when you want to leave voice messages without disturbing someone.

Interesting to note how dumping has gone from Dear John letters to voice mail bypass.


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