That didn’t take too long

A couple of days ago, I posted this. Yesterday, I saw this article on Yahoo! news. Here’s a juicy excerpt (emphasis mine):

Karnataka will use a tough law relating to organised crimes to deal with terrorists…

The law, which came into force in December 2001, allows arrest without warrant, up to six months detention without court approval and does not provide for bail. While the minimum punishment under it is five years in jail and a fine of Rs.100,000, the maximum is death or life imprisonment and fine.

… The chief minister said the police should invoke the Karnataka Organised Crimes Prevention Act to check such incidents.

So, if they don’t like your face, you can be put in jail for 6 months without a judge’s approval and without bail. Terrific, where do I sign up?

PS: I also like the use of the word detention. It makes it seem like you’re being handed out punishment in an American high-school.


One thought on “That didn’t take too long

  1. That’s scary. I read about laws in UK/US that allowed the cops to detain people in prison for upto 48 hours without a trial, but 6 months? This is freaking ridiculous!

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