It’s windy up there in Bangalore

I don’t know if this is a Koramangala thing or a Bangalore-wide phenomenon but it does get windy a couple of floors up in Koramangala. I’m not talking about a zephyr but proper, push-you-around kind of wind. It really rattles the awning-like structure on the roof of a building in Koramangala.

You can get a stronger dose of this kind of wind in the inner ring road stretch between Indiranagar and Koramangala, especially if you’re on a two-wheeler or in an auto. You can really feel the force of the wind there too.

The reason I’m mentioning this is because we seem to be back to our power-saving load-shedding mode. Maybe we should at least investigate whether the amount of power generated would make it worth it to try wind turbines at a couple of places in Bangalore.

Wind energy, while unreliable like our power situation now, is at least clean and does not have the problems of noise and air pollution that our diesel-powered generators do. Instead of the government thinking about establishing new thermal (coal) powered stations, it’s time they looked at clean, renewable energy alternatives.


2 thoughts on “It’s windy up there in Bangalore

  1. Not sure how feasible it might be… depends if the wind is seasonal or not. Also there needs to be enough space for a wind mill in areas like koramangala.

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