I had not heard of Junebug, but when I checked with Rotten Tomatoes and saw the 87% approval rating, so I decided to watch the movie. Sometimes, crowds can be a different wise.

Junebug is a movie that could be about family, about relationships, or about something else. I couldn’t tell you because I didn’t really get the movie. The dialogues were also difficult to follow in parts because of the heavy accents and the mumbling. Junebug moves slowly and could’ve been a lot more but it trails off into nothingness. I have nothing against ambiguous endings but for God’s sake please tie up some loose ends and give the viewers some clarity. Maybe you have to be a real critic to appreciate such movies.

The redeeming feature of the movie is the performance of Amy Adams who was superb in her role as the pregnant, chirpy wife. Little wonder that she received an Oscar nomination for the role.

If you want to read about the movie from someone who liked the movie, check out Roger Ebert’s review.


Your thoughts?

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