Leading with my chin

Disclaimer: I like Jay Leno as the host on The Tonight Show. I love his monologue and I would watch his show over any of the other late night hosts, Letterman included. There, I said it.

Leading with my chin, is a book about Jay Leno’s life up to the point where he got the job on The Tonight Show. Leno, along with co-author Bill Zehme, takes us through his childhood and his struggles in becoming a comedian. Leno’s memoir not only has funny anecdotes but also has poignant stories, and is a well-written book.

Leno’s affection for his parents and his wife is evident through the anecdotes narrated in the book. Leno comes across as honest about his life and the challenges he faced. His success story is one of hard work and of persistence and you can’t help but feel good for Leno and the success he’s achieved.

A minor complaint I had against the book was that sometimes the jokes break up the narrative but I am nitpicking. Overall, LWMC is an engaging book to read and it’s one that I finished reading quickly. If you like Jay Leno, this is a book worth reading.

LWMC was published in 1996 and I found a copy in, where else, Blossom’s. That place is second-hand book heaven, albeit an organized-ly disorganized one.


Your thoughts?

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