Raindrops keep entering my shoes

It doesn’t matter which party is in power, the one constant in hamara Bengaluru is that we, its citizens, have to suffer during the rains. And, every monsoon we hear about this action plan or that but when the rain comes, the plans are all washed away. All we can do is shrug, bang our heads against a wall, and wonder why nobody seems to have a solution to the problem.

Is this such a difficult problem to solve? Let’s break this problem down and see.

Why is there water on the roads? Because it rained you dolt. Oh! Because there is nowhere for the water to go, so it collects in puddles and small-scale swimming pools.

Why is that? Because:

a) the drains are blocked by debris or garbage, or

b) the road doesn’t slope properly, or

c) the storm water drains are holding garbage instead of water, or

d) there are no drains on the road, or

e) some other reason that I can’t think of because it’s close to midnight.

Except for option (e), I can’t see why these problems can’t be solved. It’s not like we don’t get a chance to plan for and solve these problems, since we know that there is a monsoon season every year. So, I wonder if it’s a case of spectacularis incompetentitis.

What do you think?

PS: Title inspired by this song in case you were not wondering.


4 thoughts on “Raindrops keep entering my shoes

  1. (e) During the rains, water flows onto the roads from houses / buildings and stays there due to a, b, c and d, compounding the problem.
    Points a, b, c and d have to be addressed by the BBMP, but (e) can be addressed by individuals, by rainwater harvesting.
    Rainwater harvesting has been made compulsory in all houses / buildings in Chennai by the state government. The same must be done in Bangalore.
    This will not only reduce the amount of water flowing onto the roads during the rains, but will also help replenish the ground water.

  2. Yeah, I’d written a post related to rainwater harvesting and it is something that should be mandatory. It’s really sickening to see the water running away into drains when it can be collected into the ground.

    It seems though that the top priority in Bangalore is to beautify it by removing advertising hoardings etc.

  3. Every year, it just gets worse. The half-kilometer stretch leading to where I stay is a mud road, that becomes slushy when it rains. People fall down all the time. Lack of drainage maintenance has led to water getting stagnating practically everywhere I go.

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