Petition for restriction on use of mobile phones

The full title of the Rajya Sabha petition is Petition for Imposition of Reasonable Restrictions on Use of Mobile Phones. Here are the details:

The Committee on Petitions … is considering a petition praying for imposition of reasonable restrictions on the use of mobile phones. The petitioner has contended that the mobile phones are being misused by students, teachers in schools/colleges and other educational institutions and by the public while driving and in public places and places of religious worship.

So, what is the petitioner, Shri Gurjit Singh, a resident of Patiala (Punjab) according to this PDF document, praying for?

(a) Jammers/decoders should be installed in the premises of educational institutions

(b) Cellular phone companies should install apparatus which will not allow the handsets to function on the roads or while driving.

(c) A law should be enacted prohibiting use of mobile phones or carrying it to places of worship, cremation grounds and burial places.

(d) Use of mobile phones or carrying it in public offices by persons should be prohibited by law.

(e) There should be a ban on mobile phones fitted with cameras for the safety of women as it violates their privacy.

I’ve only posted the highlights of the petition and you can read the full petition here. I’d urge you to read it because it concerns you and your mobile phone.

There’s nothing reasonable about the restrictions that this petition requests. If anything, the petitioner doesn’t seem to understand the complexities involved in even attempting something like this, the amount of time and money that will be wasted, and how silly the whole thing is.

If you want to give your opinions on the issue, here’s how you can do it.

Those desirous of submitting memoranda to the Committee may send two copies (each in English and Hindi) thereof to Shri J. Sundriyal, Joint Director, Rajya Sabha Secretariat, Parliament House Annexe, New Delhi – 110 001 [Tel: 011-23034541 (O), 23012007 (Fax) and E-mail: ] latest by 15th September, 2008, inter alia indicating whether they would also be interested in giving oral evidence before the Committee.

People do sometimes irritate us with the way they use mobile phones, but the mobile phone’s uses far outweigh the annoyances that we have to put up with. Do write to the committee and let your opinion be known; it isn’t every day that you’re given a chance to give feedback to politicians, especially via email.

PS: I’ve a feeling that the email address may be wrong because the person’s last name is spelt Sundriyal, and the email address is sundrial, without the y. Try with the “y” if the email bounces.


2 thoughts on “Petition for restriction on use of mobile phones

  1. (a) It’s a call educational institutes can take. If they don’t want people to use mobiles in the campus, strict rules can be enforced with severe penalties.

    (b) People should have common sense (not so common now-a-days) not to use mobiles when driving. Rs. 100 bribe trick with the traffic cops also works currently. People aren’t caring about their own safety, cops arent’ caring about the rules – action should be taken against that – banning mobiles on the road won’t work.

    (c) From what I’ve seen, a huge board requesting people to turn off mobiles / put them in silent modes has always been present at places of worship. If a person uses a mobile at a place of worship, cremation ground or burial place, it is the his/her mistake – not the government’s. The people there can take appropriate action against individuals who use mobiles.

    (d) I’ve known people being kicked out of the some Embassy, when they were waiting in line for the Visa, when they’ve used the phone in premises. What stops the building security in the public office from doing so?

    (e) This is probably the stupidest clause – though my mobile comes with a camera, I’ve never used it. If some folks feel that people carrying mobiles are invading their privacy, they should stay back at home. What about cameras in public places, shopping malls, traffic signals – I’ve read so much about these as well – compromising videos get “leaked” out all the time – should these be removed as well, as they may pose a threat to the privacy?

    I’ve seen temples that have lockers for mobile phones and cameras. They’re not that difficult to maintain, and after locking, the key is handed over to the respective persons. Why can’t something like this be proposed rather than asking a mobile service provider to block out the signal in an educational institute, temple or crematory?

    Sometimes, I wonder what people are coming to – whether we are progressing forward or backwards.

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