Via Milano

A colleague told me that Via Milano served the best Italian food in Bangalore and that the food was better than Sunny’s, so I decided that I had to check it out.

When we went to the restaurant, the waiter gave us a choice of a regular table or a couch-style table and chose the latter. The couch style is nice if you want to cozy up with your date, if you like eating hunched over your food, or if you’re vertically challenged, or all of the above. Anyway, having settled in, with a nice view of Koramangala traffic, we looked at the menu.

We ordered a starter which had some prawn and vegetables and found out later that it was a salad. The restaurant served complimentary bread with a pesto (I think) sauce, salsa, olive oils and a couple of other different oils. The breads are nice and filling, and me thinks you don’t need a starter. The prawn starter/salad was okay but nothing to rave about.

For the main course, I had the chicken breast and the wife had a pasta dish. (Note to anyone serving Italian food: If you’re serving chicken breast, serve it boneless.) The chicken breast was okay but the chicken was a tad overcooked and I felt that it left a salty after-taste. Did I mention a bone? The pasta dish was excellent — creamy and flavoursome — and the highlight of the evening. The dessert I don’t really remember, which should tell you something and I would tell you what if I knew.

Overall, Via Milano was a decent experience and it’s another Italian option in a city that has quite a few now. I would not, however, put VM above Sunny’s in the pecking order, at least in my pecking order.

If you like Italian food and want to try a different restaurant, VM is worth checking out at least once. Via Milano is in Koramangala in the building adjacent to Sony World.


4 thoughts on “Via Milano

  1. PAM, You should return the plug and post a link to your (this) review from burrp. Actually, make an id and post links of all your restaurant reviews there!

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