Which city is next?

Yesterday it was Delhi. Tomorrow?

And, after every attack we hear the same stuff over and over. The government “strongly condemns” the attacks. They say that they didn’t have the intelligence (duh). They say that we will not let terrorists win. Blah blah.

The Opposition says the government is soft on terror. Do something about it then, instead of saying ‘I told you so’ after the fact. Any idiot can do that.

Meanwhile in Delhi, people have died, many lie injured in hospitals, and a city’s calm has been shattered once again.


One thought on “Which city is next?

  1. BJP is harping about UPA government’s failure to curb (Muslim) terrorism. Wonder if people saw the irony in today’s TOI headlines: Delhi blasts and Mangalore church attacks (by Bajrang Dal) side by side.

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