Dan in Real Life

Dan, played by Steve Carell, is a single dad with three daughters, two of them teenagers. He’s a writer who pens an advice column, Dan in real life. Dan and his kids travel to his parents’ place in Rhode Island to be at the yearly family reunion.

When Dan is sent out on an errand to pick up newspapers (from town), he is at a bookstore when he sees an attractive woman browsing for a book. He helps her out, giving her the impression that he works at the store, and a connection takes place. They spend more time over coffee and get to know each other, but the woman, Marie (Juliette Binoche), has to leave. She gives Dan her phone number though, even though she’s sorta seeing someone. If I tell you more, you’ll kill me.

Dan in Real Life is a movie about love, specifically about falling in love and what that entails. It is funny and quirky and is enjoyable to watch. Steve Carell is perfect as Dan as is Juliette Binoche, his romantic interest.

You’ll enjoy DIRL if you’re the kind that likes comedies based around relationships, i.e. romance. (You’ll notice I didn’t say romantic comedies. Why, I have no idea.)


Your thoughts?

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