Into the Wild

Based on Jon Krakauer’s best-selling book by the same name, Into the Wild, is about the adventures of Christopher McCandless. After graduating from college, McCandless (played by Emile Hirsch) donates his savings to OXFAM, tears up his social security and credit cards and begins his travels. He goes away, disappears, without informing his parents or his sister.

He travels different places in the US, ending up in the Alaskan wilderness to live off the land there. Along the way, he meets different people who he forms relationships with but eventually has to leave because his ultimate aim is a stint in the wilderness in Alaska. The movie goes back and forth in McCandless’ life, showing us the adventures he has and the problems he faces.

Into the Wild is not a fast paced movie but it’s never boring. In fact, the journey of this man, who rechristens himself Alexander Supertramp, is downright fascinating. Into the Wild is a movie about losing onself and cutting off from society, but also about finding what is really important. It is a very well-made movie and credit for that goes to the cast which does a superb job and to the director, Sean Penn.

I can’t wait to read the book now.


3 thoughts on “Into the Wild

  1. I loved “Into The Wild” and thought Sean Penn did an amazing job. The movie was so well done, never boring…. as you said, and really astounded me in its simple impact. I could not get the images out of my mind for days. The music was hypnotizing and very appropriate.

  2. However, Alex supertramp has been critisized for being too stupid even though he was warned by some natives of Alaska not to venture alone. In fact ppl of Alaska actually think he was a pretty stupid guy to have done what he did.
    But all in all a great movie. And don;t forget the soundtrack by Eddie Vedder, That was really good too.

  3. Nikhil: Seems like the Wikipedia page on him does record some of the criticisms. What the movie reminded me of was something along the lines of Henry David Thoreau and Walden. I think it’s uncharitable to say that the guy was stupid though.

    Reading the book will give a better idea of the story.

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