Wall E

A lone robot working on earth to take care of the gazillion tons of trash left behind is probably not a way to start a movie. But, then again, when has Pixar cared about conventional wisdom?

Wall E, Pixar’s latest offering, is another one of those Pixar movies that makes you laugh, leaves you in awe, and has you waiting for the magicians at Pixar to deliver their next rabbit-out-of-the-hat. (If you saw Wall E in the theatre, you’ll get the last reference.)

As mentioned earlier, Wall E’s the only one left on earth, since all the humans have been away for a while. Wall E’s life is routine but he manages to keep himself occupied in spite of the loneliness. His life changes when a spaceship drops off another robot, Eve, to earth.

Eve is a far more advanced, and better looking, robot than Wall E and though she’s initially unfriendly, an unlikely friendship between the two robots develops. Circumstances then force Wall E to undertake a space journey that could ultimately determine the fate of mankind and the earth.

Wall E has some terrific animation (big surprise), lovely music, and a story that moves along nicely. The humour is an important element and there’s a lot of it. The characters, Wall E and Eva, are voiced so well that their voices stay with you long after the movie’s done. The story tellers also make a point about the environment and about big corporations, but do so in a subtle way which is always nice.

The big question is whether it’s the best movie of the year. For me, it’s not and maybe that’s in a large part because I read all the hype about Wall E and was a tad disappointed when it didn’t blow me away. Maybe it’s also because the second half of the movie isn’t as good as the first. I also realised later that I enjoyed Ratatouille more than I did Wall E for whatever reasons.

Don’t get me wrong though, Wall E is a terrific film and one that you should watch. If you don’t, you really have missed something.

As Robert De Niro’s character says in Analyze This, “You, you… you’re good.” You can say that about the guys at Pixar–they really are that good.


Your thoughts?

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