Toscano, a place that I always seem to call Toscano’s, is the latest Italian restaurant to join the Bangalore Italian food scene. It is not a place that you can find easily because it’s tucked away in the food court of the U.B. City mall. If you’re saying, There’s a mall in U.B. City?, you’re probably not alone.

The U.B. City Mall is in U.B. City (duh) on Vittal Mallya road, close to the Shell station. Toscano is one of the few resturants that have opened up in the food court.

The food court itself has stone flooring, a water fountain that kids seem to love, and is a stone’s throw from a lovely amphitheatre which overlooks the greenery of Cubbon Park. So what if the mall and the food court isn’t completely done yet, it’s still a terrific place to eat a meal.

We went to Toscano twice, both times for lunch, and we enjoyed the meal both times. The Chicken Breast Grilled and the Tagliatelle alla toscano are worth trying. The complimentary bread basket that they give at Toscano is different from the other Italian restaurants and is a good start to the meal. The meal portions aren’t all that huge, so if you’re ravenous, then you should probably order a soup as well.

Toscano’s doesn’t have a great deal of choice in their lunch menu (in PDF), and their dinner menu has more variety but when I asked, I was told that they plan to add more dishes in the future.

Bottom line though is that if you like Italian food, you should try out Toscano.


Your thoughts?

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