President-Elect Obama

I was relieved that the Obama-Biden ticket won today. The prospect of Sarah Palin in the White House with the possibility of being President gave me the death shivers. I’m still getting nightmares of what would happen if she ran on the Republican ticket (as President) in 2012.

But today is about celebrating the victory of someone who till about a year ago was an unknown. Of course, it’s always nice when you create history by becoming the first African-American President.

As John Scalzi writes though, it’s not going to be easy for Obama. There are huge expectations from him and the economy is really crap at the moment, so he’ll have his work cut out. I think the world’s tired of Bush and his cronies, so we’re looking forward to what Obama will do–he certainly brings hope.

How nice it was to see that Obama’s win sparked off celebrations in his grandmother’s village in Kenya, where the government has declared a national holiday tomorrow. They consider Obama Kenya’s son.

Also, Obama’s speech in Chicago was a reminder of why so many people are energized by this young senator from Illinois. He has that kind of charisma when he speaks. Watch it if you get a chance.

Congratulations to Barack Obama and his family and to all the people who voted for him. It truly is a historic day.


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