Registering to vote in Karnataka

The draft publication of the revised electoral rolls in Karnataka (Special Summary Revision) was supposed to be done on 10 Nov 2008. When I checked online, I couldn’t find the updated list on either the Election Commission’s website or on the Bangalore Voter ID site.

I then called the EC office and was informed that the list had been published and that I should check with my ward office.

FYI, if your name is not on the electoral rolls, and it’s probably not if you haven’t registered, then you can apply for inclusion or changes from 10 Nov to 24 Nov 2008.

For this, you have to find out your assembly constituency (via the websites listed above) and then download a form (Form 6 in most cases), fill it up, and submit it to the designated office.

The instructions regarding what to do with the Form 6 are not clear, so I’ll tell you what to do based on the information the BBMP officer gave me when I submitted the form.

  1. Submit two copies (original + photocopy) of the form.
  2. Submit the address proof (notarised). (I think the copy of the form was also notarised but I don’t remember.)
  3. If you need an extra copy of the completed form, and I suggest that you keep one, make two copies of the original and submit one and keep the other.
  4. Ensure that the officer stamps your receipt with the official seal and dates it. If you’re submitting multiple forms, ensure that he/she does the stamping for all forms.

Now, the Election Commission does not say anything about notarising and I read somewhere that the address proof is not mandatory but what I mentioned above is what I had to do. Maybe your constituency officer will follow different guidelines, so it’s best to check.

After you’re done submitting the form, look out for notices in your newspaper to find out when the list will be published and what you have to do next.

If you aren’t registered to vote, this is a good chance to rectify that.


Your thoughts?

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