Belle Epoque

Belle Epoque is a Spanish movie about a young army deserter, Fernando, who finds himself in a village without a place to stay. He ends up at a brothel where an old man, Manolo, befriends him and lets him stay at his house. A few days later, Fernando is on his way to leave the village for Madrid.

He changes his mind when he encounters Manolo’s four daughters, who are visiting their father. Fernando ends up again at Manolo’s place and what follows is a series of amorous encounters with the daughters, each funny in its own way. Belle Epoque is a light-hearted, breezy movie and is engaging and fun to watch. The actresses who play the four daughters are terrific as are the other actors. (A young Penelope Cruz plays one of the sisters.)

Belle Epoque is one of those movies that makes you smile when you think about later and is good entertainment value. It won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 1993.


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