Mr. Dixit comes (back?) to Bangalore

A couple of years ago, I happened to watch a live performance of a band called Antaragni. The band comprised a singer-cum-guitarist and a violin player. The singer, Raghu Dixit, had a really good voice and the band sounded impressive.

A few months later, my friend told me that the band had disbanded. It was a pity because they were good, had a unique sound, and the one song, Mysore se aayi, was catchy and created a lasting impression.

My friend, Mr. Y if you must know, would keep giving me tidbits about Raghu Dixit and that he was going to start a band. However, I never got a chance to watch him play again.

Then, recently I read an article about independent bands in Outlook in which Dixit’s band was one of those profiled. This morning, while waiting for an appointment, I picked up the newspaper (can’t remember which) only to come across an article about Raghu Dixit playing in Bangalore. He played on Sunday at Landmark in Jayanagar and it looks like he had a decent turnout.

You can read more on the blog and check out his website to know more about his band. If you’ve not listened to Dixit, you should check out his music.

The next time I’m in Landmark I’ll ask if they’re carrying his album.


Your thoughts?

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