Tull in Bangalore on December 2nd

From Blowin’ in the wind, a piece by Deepa Kurup for The Hindu’s Metro Plus.

Jethro Tull may just have lost all novelty value in India considering this is their fourth time in the country. But scores of Tull fans, who swear by its quirky front man Ian Scott Anderson and his rather eclectic repertoire of music, will linger with anticipation to see what new acoustic rabbit the Scotsman will pull out of his flute.

“It will be a completely new sound,” Ian promises over the phone. Caught in the middle of his ongoing European concert tour, the polite musician can be taken for his word.

Jethro Tull will play with musician Anoushka Shankar on December 2 in Palace Grounds, Bangalore, as part of a five-city tour of the country. The event is being organised by E-18 and100 Pipers. “We’ve written some music and the band has been jamming with her. So far, it sounds pretty good,” he assures.

I’ve never listened to Anoushka Shankar’s music but I have heard Jethro Tull’s and they’re not bad. It’d be interesting to know the line-up that’ll play this time around, because the last time we didn’t get to see Martin Barre and the other Tull members at the time. I’d love to see Martin Barre play live; he’s a guitarist I really like.

More details about the concert, if I get them. Till then, read the Blowin’ in the wind piece in The Hindu, especially if you’re a Tull fan.


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