Police say, media publish?

Leaky journalism is an interesting piece about how the police is using the media to “cover up unprofessional and weak probes”. Excerpt:

It is abundantly clear that the Police use the media to cover up unprofessional and weak probes. Should the media oblige whether it involves Jihadi terrorists or Saffron terrorists? Is it not time that the media evolves a code of conduct for reporting criminal investigations so that it does not slip up so badly as in the recent past?

It may be quite relevant to point out here what the Chief Justice of India said recently. He had criticised the Police tendency to reveal information to the media during the investigation as it encroaches upon the right to privacy. He also observed while participating in a workshop in Mumbai that freedom of the press means people’s right to know CORRECT (emphasis mine) news. Further, in a different context, the Supreme Court also held that a person’s reputation is an inseparable part of his fundamental right to life and liberty. This applies equally to everyone, whether he is a small time SIMI activist or a sadhu or an army officer.

Here’s the link again.

–Updated at 17:10, same day–
Apparently, I spell police as polics. Rectified.


Your thoughts?

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