Quantum of Solace

I watched QoS yesterday and I enjoyed the movie, just like a certain Mr. Scalzi did. You really should read Scalzi’s mini-review of the movie.

QoS picks up where Casino Royale left off and while you aren’t at a huge disadvantage if you missed the earlier movie, it certainly would help understand this movie better if you watched CR. Daniel Craig in his second Bond flick is as impressive as he was in the first. Some of the stunts in the movie are crazy (but good) and they explain why so many injuries took place while making the movie.

I can understand how some of the fans who liked the earlier Bond movies and its usual trappings may feel a bit disappointed with the movie. For me though, it was a good action/thriller with Bond in a different avatar than we’ve seen him in the past. Bond’s character in the two Craig movies has been edgier and serious and someone that you are ambiguous about, whereas in the past Bond has tended to be playful and charming. I like the new Bond, he seems more human this way.

Olka Kurylenko is well-cast as the atypical Bond girl, Camille, someone who has her own agenda and happens to find Bond. Gemma Arterton is the other Bond girl whose role is a bit more conforming to the stereotype but is still different.

QoS is not a movie that all Bond fans will like, but it’s a good movie and is worth watching. Just cast away the Bond of the past and enjoy the new, redefined Bond.


Your thoughts?

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