Jethro Tull’s 40th Anniversary Tour (India leg)

Here’s more information about the Tull concert that I blogged about a few days ago. Ian Anderson, the front-man for Tull, has this to say about the 40th Anniversary Tour:

The 40th Anniversary of Jethro Tull is upon us in February 2008. Having initially thought that it was all best avoided in any reference to our upcoming concert tours, I slowly changed my mind after chatting to the others in the band and to some of the fans. Now I have agreed that we will celebrate the tours with a full laser light show, a dancing troupe of honed and bronzed young men fresh from the Madonna boudoir, 60 foot inflatable flute-phallus on stage, Chinese acrobats and fireworks nightly – and – live prostate examinations for lucky competition-winners during the concert intermission.

OK – I exaggerate: there will be a little 40-year awareness spread lovingly but discretely for at least the UK tours with the occasional invited guest and some production and lighting references to the “Old Days”. The set-list will be chosen mainly from the first three albums with a few bits and pieces from a little later. Songs and tunes which defined the early Jethro Tull from blues band to eclectic, pre-prog inventiveness.

Tull is playing in five cities in India this time around:

Nov 27 Kolkata
Nov 29 Mumbai
Nov 30 Delhi
Dec 2 Bangalore/Bengaluru
Dec 3 Hyderabad

You can get more details here. Tickets are available on Book My Show. If you’re planning to attend the Bangalore show, you can use this link.

In Bangalore, tickets are Diamond (Rs. 1900.00), Platinum (Rs. 1100.00), and Gold (Rs. 700.00). Ticket layout is here.

I don’t know the physical locations where tickets are available in Bangalore, but there should be some outlets. Maybe we’ll get more information in the papers in a day or two.


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